Documentary Film and Fictional Technique from Michael McVey,

Michael McVey, Skiffleboom

Michael McVey
April 22, 2010 – Bunker Hill Community College
VMA 115 – History of the Moving Image – Professor Pastel
Writing Assignment #3 – Documentary

In a 2-3-page paper, address the following questions:

Use several specific examples from two of the following films to answer the questions below: Nanook of the North, Triumph of the Will, The Plow That Broke the Plains, Salesman, Don’t Look Back, High School, Our Daily Bread, Roger and Me:

1. Explain how a documentary film can use fictional techniques, yet claim to represent ‘reality.’
2. Identify some of those fictional techniques, using specific sequences from the film(s). That is, describe a particular sequence from a movie and explain how it uses fictional techniques to make its point.
3. Explain how a documentary film is different from a fictional narrative – i.e., why should we trust what that what it shows is “true” to reality…

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El montaje es el proceso que se utiliza para ordenar los planos y secuencias de una película, la manera de colocar los diversos planos puede hacer cambiar completamente el sentido, y por lo tanto el mensaje de una película.

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